Buying from China? Chinese New Year is Coming Jan 27th


For those who buy from China via Amazon, BangGood, AliExpress, et al, remember that Chinese New Year is just over a week away: the holiday runs from January 27th - February 12th.

During those days, the China post office and shipping agents will not work, so orders won’t process and packages won’t ship.

If you are looking for cheap electronics, etc. you might want to hustle up and get your orders in so the parts can ship and leave the country before the 27th.


My research says it runs Feb. 4-10 with compensatory weekend workdays on Feb. 2-3.


February 12st?


Copied from a supplier - corrected.

Supplier said holiday was Jan 27st - Feb 12st.

I interpreted that as Jan 27th - Feb 12th (after correction). The holiday times he mentioned might include some buffer - just wanted to give a heads-up based on what I received.


Nice reminder Mike,
I always forget about CNY until I submit an order. Not sure what all the Websites and Google say about it, but it usually runs a little over 2 weeks from my experience as well.