Building a forge, where to buy supplies

The 'rona has convinced me that I should have at least a few tools at home and not depend entirely on the makerspace to let out creative energy. I’m thinking about investing that energy into making a small home blacksmithing setup, starting with a forge.

Does anyone know where to buy refractory locally (once lockdown lets up), or who do you recommend online?

I think I want to do a propane tank or air tank forge, lined with kaowool, satanite, and ITC-100. Maybe a firebrick or two on the floor. If you have other suggestions, I’m very open. What’s your forge building experience? What would you make?

I’ve also been reading about mizzou castable, and bubble alumina refractories, but I’m unsure how to decide between all the options. I would like to use flux so it appears these would be better choices for the floor?

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There is a “Blacksmithing for beginners” Facebook group. They have lots of resources (plans, suppliers, tool lists, etc) in the FILES section of that group.


Distribution international has ceramic fiber blanket. They have brick as well and are located in Dallas off of French settlement road, Ive got some of their products and it works great! Suggest you buy itc products from ITC direct. Price is way better.

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