Build a radio transmitter class

The first class is already full, so I will be offering a second class on Saturday August 20th at 3:00p.

There are six seats in the class, that are available on a first come, first served basis. Email me at wandrson01 at gmail dot com to reserve your seat. There will be a fee of $10 to cover the cost of the parts, which can be paid (in cash) at the start of the class. This first class will be on August 20, 2016 at 3:00p in the Electronics room. If there is sufficient demand additional classes will be offered, please email me or respond here to show your interest in future classes.


There has been a cancellation in tommorrow nights class, so there is room for one more person. Email me to reserve your space if you want that slot.

This last seat has been claimed.

Great class tonight, Walter!

Thanks again for organizing this.

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I also want to thank Walter for a great class and Zack for some great on-on-one soldering instruction. We had some good conversation and a lot of fun making our radio transmitters. Amazingly, almost everyone’s worked the first time. All due, I suspect, to excellent instruction.

It ain’t pretty, but here’s my radio:

12-15 volts of power and we’re transmitting. I used the spectrum analyzer printout as a background.
Thanks Zack for producing the spectrum analysis and Walter for giving it to me.

I’m looking forward to the receiver class.


Glad folks enjoyed the class! Zach took a few photos during class and sent them to me, so here they are!

Had a cancellation for the class on the 20th, so there is one more seat available for that class. Please email me if you want it. wandrson01 at gmail dot com

One more pic of all six folks diligently working on building their transmitters!


Love seeing this going on in electronics. Can’t wait until August 20th to build one!

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Walter and I have ideas. One of mine is a SWR meter, based on a design off the 'net, for QRP HF (though it is pretty wide-band and can be used up into VHF).

Amateur Radio Makers!


Walter’s class was excellent. Instruction and materials were well prepared. Most of all it was damn fun!


Walter, good to see another transmitter class was a success. Let us know when you want to teach the receiver class.

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Another build class has been scheduled! The event should be live in 72 hours, but here’s a preview:


Love it, thanks for hosting. Anyone that wants to put together a fun build I highly recommend this class.

Registration is closed because the event isn’t yet live, right?

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Correct. Should be live in a day or so. Not quite clear how class approvals work these days…

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It’s live! 5 spots left…

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Another successful class: 6 out of six radios working at the end if the night (four on the first go).

Great job everyone!


Will be offering another couple of these classes. One in September, one in October, and one in November.

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God Bless Walter, what a wonderful class!