Build a HeNe Laser? Interest?

Work together on building a HeNe laser? Would be a Science/Electronics collab?
kit for sale:

Some folks in science built a laser a few years back
then personalities clash and folks left with their work,

you might look thru some of the old trhads on it It seens ti be nistkt
2 folks that spent money on it,

Ahhh, I initially thought you would be making the tube.

I don’t know how to do that, does anyone at the space?

I picked up this thread in a search. Lookey what I found laying about in my cabinet…

It’s a Diode Pumped Solid State NdYAG Laser. 300mW, 532nm with side bands in 940nm and 1064nm.

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“Looks interesting” he says looking at laser with remaining eye…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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looks cool, lets talk

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This one is definitely in the Danger Zone. Direct viewing, even of a specular reflection, will track up your retinas. But, it will take the hologram exposure time from 5 min, down to about 15 seconds, and it has enormous longitudinal coherence.

So, just for @artg_dms

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Yep, don’t stare into beam for sure. Used to have a 4 watt Argon Laser and it was pretty good a lighting cigars. What a wasteful beast 6-7 kW in 4 watts out.

It was a very short dental unit so had a terrible coherence length. No holograms for me.

According to the team at Darkly Labs 4.5mm red tinted acrylic can be an equitable substitute for the glasses…or so they said when I asked about making a safety housing for mine

better link?

So, hologram me for my TVC-15