Build a 80% receiver class


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We can make the tools and jigs needed for people to do it at home or elsewhere …

Who wants to help me make some? I don’t have much machining experience.

For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about …
You can get part of a gun that is only finished 80% of the way. It hasn’t been fully cut out of metal.
This isn’t considered a gun by legal standards and can be bought just like a hunk of metal.
With the proper tools and jigs, it can be finished into a lower receiver and built into a fully working gun.

We can make the tools and jigs at the space but not the actual receiver or gun.

I’m needing some help in making the tools and jigs.


I saw these together and for a second thought they were the same class. :wink:

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Well, at least when Creative Arts builds the Guns and Radios … they will look great!


Man that has images floating through my mind.


While I’m not against making the jigs required to finish an 80% receiver, I don’t think it’s worthwhile unless someone has access to detailed prints for such a jig that could be replicated on the CNC machine. Jigs and tool sets are readily available in the $90 to $170 price range, and I for one would rather rely on something that has been tested by others before screwing up and making several 80% paperweights into 100% paperweights. The only exception would be if one has specific, non-standard requirements that calls for custom tooling; i.e, a weird 80% lower that doesn’t fit standard jigs (But, why?).

The novelty of it is interesting, though. Although we can’t machine Firearm parts, there is no restriction I’m aware of on machining Firearm tooling. Hmmm.

The real question is, when will this group spin off a derivative that isn’t bound by DMS directives, and perhaps buys a ghost gunner to share?


A class on getting a receiver to 79% wouldn’t be a “working on firearms” class, though, would it? It’s not a firearm until it passes 80% ?


You can’t even engrave wooden grips for a 1911 at the space, doubt you could do this either. And it doesn’t really matter what you are doing. If anyone THINKS you are working on a gun they have threatened to call the ATF.