Brush Holder Mold Needs Chip Repair

I opened the brush holder mold to clean and pour it and discovered an interior chip that needs repair. The two parts of the chip (one large, one small) are with it and fit perfectly still so it should be a decent repair. So…

Is there someone out there that can repair it? In the meantime I was going to keep the pieces inside it, do some kind of plastic cover to keep the inside clean, and label it. @brendamvilla or @Monikat is there anything specific you would like me to do?

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This looks like an easy fix. I think that @meanbaby uses wood glue? I have a bottle of mold repair that I can try to remember to bring and use next time I’m at DMS.

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They start to deteriorate a little a time it’s normal. Unfortunately plaster is just something that won’t last long on a popular mold getting wet dry wet dry.

Wood glue titebond III is waterproof and worked well for me in the past make sure is III. They usually have some in the Woodshop

Make sure the mold has had time to dry before glueing. If the mold Is damp the glue won’t hold. Then let the glued in piece dry over night.


@meanbaby – is repair to these molds do-able?

yes, with Titebond III on a dry mold. The plaster is loosing its integrity, If you want one of these better pour soon.