Broken Miter Box

Found this on the floor today:

Looks like it was just inadvertently knocked off the shelf, shattered upon impact, and then left there to die. I don’t see this as a common use/high demand item and so may not need replacing. If someone uses it a lot or thinks it is important for some reason, speak up…

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I use that all the time! It USED to be a good hammer.


the wood shop is definately back. what else can we break and report?

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That was under the table (broken) when I cleaned up the other morning, likely been broken? :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s…um…now in the dumpster.

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The general cleaning effort and time spent disinfecting stuff you put in and around the 'Space (almost) every day is appreciated!




but some super glue could have brought it back to life! what a tragedy.

now someone go 3D print a new one.


Fixed that for ya Nick! It was left for someone else to discover.