Broken 1/8" endmill



I broke a 1/8" 3 flute endmill today using the bridgeport. There are still two left that are good. Sorry, it was my first time using the bridgeport unsupervised. It could have broken because I did not lower the endmill far enough. I was not going at a fast speed and used plenty of lubricant. I am cleared to use the bridgeport.


Thanks for reporting it!


Thanks for letting us know.


if you mean too much of the length was exposed that could be it. In general, only as much as you need for the depth of cut need be exposed in the tool holder. If you meant the cut was too shallow, that would have put less stress on the endmill and I would not have expected it to break.


This article might be useful:


That was a good article. Given the paucity of coolant use on the Bridgeport, I can see the potential for chip clearing and built up edge problems to increase (not necessarily in Nacho’s case but in general).