Broadband Internet 'Nutrition Labels' on the Way

Probably a good thing:

Although “Big Gubmint” is involved, so maybe not…fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


Straight from the press release, here’s the proposed label:

Working in the industry I don’t have a problem with this so long as everyone is held accountable since the entire sector swims in deceptive pricing (whoops we forgot to mention equipment rentals and made-up ‘fees’) and “up to…” performance claims with considerable spread between claim and reality.

The ‘typical’ speeds statement will be the subject of much contention.

  • I can hit tier speeds to the local speedtest server hosted by my ISP pretty regularly; the likes of less so because that’s subject to factors outside of the ISP’s control and who knows whether that server is provisioned for any quantity of people smashing it at multi-gigabit speeds
  • Physical medium also has a very individualized impact for analog comms - ala DSL and cable modems; long distances, poor physical plant engineering, damage can all reduce bitrates significantly
  • Oversubscription is an economic imperative for residential broadband networks, but can also lead to momentary insufficient bandwidth or persistent issues should usage patterns change (ala the cord cutting of the last ~decade)

That being said I imagine that there will be some generalized guidelines developed on disclosing some sort of real-world performance figures that will be grumbled about then grudgingly conceded to and we can all move on with life.