Bridgeport Train The Trainer Class


I’d like to know if there is interest in a Train the Trainer Class for Bridgeport Instructors.

Would like to get a pool of at least 4 instructors. Goal is to have instructors teach just once every two months so the class is offered at least every two weeks.


  • If you’ve had the Bridgeport class, done a few things on it,
  • Still have all your fingers (losses in wood shop don’t count),
  • Both eyes, actually one will do.
  • Can fog a mirror
  • Looking for a way to become involved and contribute toe DMS

You’ve probably met the minimum qualifications for being a candidate. If you have prior Bridgeport experience contact me if you haven’t taken our class.

Since the classes now have an online portion, the classroom portion is no longer done when you teach a class, just the “at machine portion” which cuts the class down from 3.5-4 hours to slightly under 2 hours.

If you are interested, let me know and we’ll work out a time to get together.


Count me in as a possible Trainer on the Bridgeport Mill.


I can waive the fogging the mirror if that’s your concern?


I am interested in joining the instructor pool. I want to become more involved at DMS, especially in the Machine Shop area, and this is a great way to give back. I’ll stay tuned for next steps.


I’m interested


I would love to learn and then assist others with the Bridgeport.


Those interested please PM me: what days and times work best for you.



I believe that you have audited one of the Bridgeport classes I gave last summer. I have already scheduled two Bridgeport classes for mid month. These will be the first using the self study and quiz, part I, required to enroll in part II method. This should prove easier on both learners and teachers. It also allows the teachers/committee to see the learner demand.



I’m interested in becoming a trainer.


Things are looking up in the welding area, and we’ve had someone step up and teach a class and even has a second one scheduled, so I’ll be adding a bridgeport class into my teaching rotation as well.


I have a mill at home (Rockwell, roughly 2/3 size of Bridgeport) and would like to take the train the trainer class.
Evenings or weekends work for me.
Randy Lisbona


Send me an email with days and times best for you.


Okay, got a good sized number interested, Fantastic!

Yes, I want to want to sit in the Halls of Makehalla and become a
Maker of Makers!

  • Sunday afternoon/early evening.
  • I’m a Berserker! Makehalla shall be mine - name the time and place for this training!! (I’m flexible to fit the Valkyrie’s schedules)
  • Evenings M-W-F preferred
  • Evenings T-Th preferred
  • Week day time
  • Saturday preferred
  • Sunday Preferred

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