Bridgeport power feed fuse

Does anyone know where the fuses are for the power feed are located at? The fuse blew when I stopped the powerfeed after I finished making sure the vice was square to the head

Did you make sure the ways were not locked?

No I didn’t. Check after the fact. It was snug. T

Anyone want to consider replacing it with a circuit breaker? Maybe putting a sign over it to remind people to check the way locks?

We have some in the Teachers cabinet.

Try not to do it again, stuff happens.

If you can’t get into the teacher’s cabinet, there are fuses in the e-lab, the silver cabinet next to the black tool chest, third shelf? down, clear box with white card stock in it telling you what voltage and amperage.

You want the 230V rated 8A fuse. Don’t got higher, if you can’t find an 8A, then see if it will operate with a 5A.

It will run on 5 amp because we have done it before.

It should run on a 5A, but it’s spec’d for 6A, and we found it with a 10A at one point. The one that blew was one Charles and I put in which was an 8A.

I was able to find an 8 amp

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