Bridgeport Orientation?

Hi all, pretty new member here. I’ve got a small project in mind that would require use of the Bridgeport. I’ve done some very simple milling work in the past (on aluminum), but want to make sure I’m following proper protocol.

Any chance there’s going to be a training opportunity coming up? Sometime next week would be ideal… Alternatively I’d be open to compensating someone to help me out with the task in the short term. Fixturing the piece will probably take longer than the actual machining; looking to create a flat face on a cast iron piece to accept a new flange.

Interested as well.


I would also be interested in a class.



I see that @BobKarnaugh has posted Bridgeport classes on Wednesday May 29 and Saturday June 1.

I also see that they are severely “undersubscribed” - a total of four people interested between two classes.

Links above are the machine-side class, i.e., Part 2. You have to take the self-study Part 1as a pre-requisite. Part 1 is also listed on the calendar on May 29 and June 1.

Here is the link to the part 1 material with quiz:



Thanks for responding and adding the link to machine shop. I have since added this link to the fill in box of the course description for the Part I “events”. Fewer persons are signing up for lathe and mill classes since implementing a part I with quiz in lieu of a class room session. But, those that come through are better informed and show more interest, some times ask better questions and even correct the instructor! There are fewer “no shows” also.




Thanks all, I’ve registered for the self-study and will try to make tomorrow evening’s class.

@John_Marlow, @BobKarnaugh - it’s a little unclear how I submit answers to the self-study quiz which is included at the end of the PDF.

Thanks again!

@BobKarnaugh - I was also unclear about how to submit answers. I see Part 1 is scheduled for 5pm tomorrow. Are participants supposed to bring the answers then - as well as email them or otherwise?

Suggestion: You might want to mention in the Part 1 info that the study time is quite long. I put aside 1-2 hours this evening to study. But, after getting a few pages into the slides, I notice that there are YouTube videos that need to be watched. The videos alone are over 3 hours. So, unfortunately, I will not be ready for Part 2 tomorrow.

There are still opening for Saturday’s class.

Between the slideshow, the MIT machine shop videos and the three hour machine side class, hopefully, one will be able start on some project work with a dash of confidence. Learning the machine tools takes a bit of commitment.



The sequence of the letters corresponding to the best answers form a password that you email to me at [email protected]. If correct, I add your name to the QuizPass AD and then you can signup for a machine side class. Both Wednesday’s and Saturday’s has openings currently. You’ll know you have got it when the cute, subject relevant word emerges.


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Hi Bob,

I plan to come to the bridgeport part 2 class class tonight. I took part 1 in person and also reviewed the powerpoint and the MIT videos, took the test and just sent you the password. Dibs on the last seat…

BTW, I see some confusion above - the class descriptions show that both the Wednesday (tonight) and Saturday classes are Part 2. I hope that is correct. But it looked like some were assuming that tonight is Part 1.



Since part 1 is self-study, both tonight’s class and Saturday’s class are both part 2.