BREXIT CHAOTIC SCENES: Scuffle breaks out as Remainers attempt to block

Tearful John Bercow Speaker of the House of Commons reveals he will step down as Speaker by 31 October

BREXIT CHAOTIC SCENES: Scuffle breaks out as Remainers attempt to block proroguing of Parliament

oh those wacky Brits.
How did they ever rule half the world?


Trying to think of a witty ancestral quip, but it’s too early


Just intrigued by the use of “chaotic scene”.

they should just sell Northern Ireland to Ireland. That would remove the border problem and give them a better out.

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Force, mostly.

I suspect Scotland is eyeing the door pretty hard again over all this.

Bah - bring me some Taiwanese government fights - now that’s some serious good times.
I’ve been to Taiwan a few times over and I’ve seen a solid collection of scuffles - probably one a day for each day we visited - mostly Taxi drivers and food vendors. Just a quick few pops to the torso and creative cussing back and forth and it was over within 20 seconds or so. It was a thing. I asked my Taiwan born-and-raised husband about the casualness of it all and he just said…bitches be crazy. So…I would like to share that wisdom here…bitches be crazy.

PS I love Taiwan and have a great respect for it’s people and as a whole they fight like you would expect human cartoons to fight and I also know (a minuscule) amount about the pressures they deal with politically and I know it’s not to be made fun of. So like complex human with great passions fighting like two balloon animals getting smashed together.


Actually…it was via the cunning use of Flags.


And they should!

Oh and that Stone of Scone thing…that too.

Interesting term he uses “Executive Fiat”
I found an explanation here.

An executive fiat, then, is a governmental decree.

However, there is the insinuation in the phrase that implies ruling by absolute authority.

The term was often used for kings - ‘the king ruled by fiat’.

Essentially, it is the enforcement of a rule by people who have absolute power to do so, regardless of democratic process.

And in Uganda’s parliament…

I am so glad we are at least outwardly more civilized. I thought one man was going to dance on the table.

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Man, see that guy catch that chair? That’s a pretty good move if I do say so myself. Chair hurling at your face - nope.
I hope we all get to be surprised at some point with such a bad ass move in a fight.

Short story. I had an obnoxious and “specifically problematic” young man try to fake punch in the hall during an argument (the type your older brother would do all the time) I didn’t flinch one bit because I just didn’t notice it was coming. I looked like some sort of hard core street fighter. When in reality I was just to slow to realize what he was doing. Stone cold Franczvai.


apparently winston churchill’s grandson is a sex pest!? this season of parliment is really the most entertaining yet. I cant’ wait for the season finale.

The man got some moves!!

If it were really close you could fake being hit and let him get in trouble. :slight_smile:

Soccer style

There are having like a mini-civil war in HongKong.

I know…and I’m somewhat fascinated by it. Tweeting out places to show, facial recognition being taken down, the way the protesters are figuring out how to information share, the umbrellas as a symbol and a tool…the whole thing is really interesting to me.

Nah, kids with a short fuse will have enough trouble in life they don’t need charges for assaulting a teacher on school property. But I’ll keep it in mind for sure.

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I would have thought this would have been shared by now…

They had God on their side.

  • Not really sure to whom to attribute this, but I’ve seen it (at least) to Shashi Tharoor, who claimed to be quoting another source, and Ducan Spaeth, whom others claim originated the phrase, or at least popularized it, but I’m not so sure. I therefore attribute this to a colloquialism, probably common first in various “colonial” regions and, later, throughout the Empire, and, later still, the world.