Brass/metal resin cold casting materials

I took a class on brass resin cold casting, and I failed to write down where to get the metal to use in it. I thought it was somewhere easy like Michaels, but I couldn’t find anything like that there. Anywhere easy that I could pick some up? I’m wanting to make something that looks silver.


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Smooth on is about a block from the Makerspace

Bity is in Richardson.

Both are M-F shops.

Max usually uses Brick in the yard, if I am not mistaken.

Id go for the BITY product always a better product than smooth on, aluminium powder can be purchased online but its regulated. The material used in my class was the brass powder and the copper powder from BITY Mold supply…

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The resin you use is also important, make sure you get the easyflow clear

YOU will need to get black tint for silver and a brown one for brass and bronze colors, I suggest the 4.99 aliuminite resin dyes at hobby lobby


I have some Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast I was thinking about using.
Will that work badly?

yes but you should tint int of the best effect