Bracelet left on wheel rack

Somebody left a bracelet on the rack by the wheels. I forgot to move it on my way out but if you’re missing a bracelet, I last saw it on the top of the wire racks.

That may be one of my throwing students from this morning. I’m reaching out to her but I don’t believe she’s on talk yet.

Please let me know if it gets moved.

Thanks, Monika

Hi Monika, I believe that’s my wife’s, she lost her silver bracelet a few days ago and have been looking for it. We looked on the rack today and didn’t find it, do you know where it might be? thanks!!!

I do not, I’m sorry! I didn’t look for it when I came into the space the next day, it slipped my mind.

@Team_Ceramics can anyone tell us where this might be? Did it go to lost and found in the common room?

Thanks Monika, we did not find it in lost & found. Please let me know if anyone know where it might be. The bracelet has been with my wife for decade and she’s very attached to it. Truly appreciate the help!