Bowl lathe class

I was initially signed up for the bowl lathe class when it was going to be held a few weeks ago, but it was canceled, and I just returned from vacation to find it’s been rescheduled and it’s already full. Is there any way I can still sign up, or even just show up and watch? This was probably the class I was most excited to take so far at the makerspace, and I really want to learn to turn a bowl.

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paging @prl2018

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Certainly, please come and observe. I’ll be scheduling more in the future as well but no firm dates yet.

I limited the class to four due to equipment and time limitations and even with four it can be busy.

We can also schedule a time to meet at the space after that and work on a bowl.

I’ll bring an extra blank that you can take with you.

See you there I hope!


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Just as a heads up Paul, I went to turn a bowl blank on the powermatic or oneway last week and we could not find the converter to use the face plates. Not sure how you plan to start your turnings in class to get down to a mortise/tenon, but if you need a faceplate we could only make it work for the Jet. Also if you planned to use spur centers its next to impossible to find a good one right now at the shop. Just want to make sure you have the supplies needed to get everyone turning at once! Thanks for teaching!!!


Yes, that would be absolutely perfect. Thank you very much!

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Thanks! I appreciate the heads up! I’m out of town now but I’ll check it out later this week. , seems like we’ve had some pretty heavy handed users on the tools over the past few months.

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I understand the 4th jet is broken. If someone could fix it, it might make room for a fifth student.

If there’s a last minute cancellation, you might be able to take the open spot. Yesterday Glassworks had three cancellations right before class, and three of us were able to take the spots. It’s not guaranteed, but it happens often enough that it’s with a mention, so keep watching the registration page for openings.

Actually, we only have three Jet lathes. One is down with parts on order last I knew but I’ve been away for a while.

A part of the class size limit is being able to spend enough time with the people in the class as well.