Bookbinding/book cover making

Would anyone here have a good resource to read up on making a leather book cover? Especially a leather/metal bound one? I have an irrational attachment to my Kindle DX, and I’d like to make something for it.

Just as a note, making a cover for your Kindle isn’t quite the same as making a book cover. Still do-able, just a tad different.

Not sure if @Webdevel or @talkers would be better on this. And, probably several others that I don’t know because I don’t really do much leather.

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Also love the e-ink DX, have two I need to get new batteries for.

Ha, I have a spare DX battery, somewhere among my things, When I found one that was the right size, I ordered two in case I got a bad one (ah, good ol’ aliexpress).

I made a sleeve for my kindle. Been using it for years. Id be happy to share the pattern.


Sure! that looks great!