BOLO for low fire tile

Be on the lookout for a 4 x 4 tile, with a Mandela pattern. I never saw it after I left it on the EarthenWare section. Not sure if it was fired or misplaced. Or broke. But if you see it, please move it to a place where I can find it. appreciated

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It was on the to be bisqued shelf…it is now in the paragon…bisque…and on a cookie.


Also…we do not have an earthenware section

Well, bisqueing is done at earthenware temps. However, if one is trying to glaze earthenware, you have to put a note on it, or someone will assume that it belongs on the glaze/Cone 6 shelf.

We still don’t have an “earthenware” section. It has never been labeled that.

Given the massive amount of confusion I’ve seen in the Kiln Team about the shelves, the firing temps, and such, it would probably be an error to so label the low-fire, ready-to-bisque shelf. We don’t do a good enough job of educating the Kiln Team, and the general populace has even less information on the subject.

If you have any suggestions that would help, please bring it up in meeting. I think the kiln team is doing the best we can. Those teaching ceramics 100 go over types of clay and what we fire and where to buy clay.

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Oh my, I left it on Earthenware ( low fire) shelf next to my 2” square tile. The 2” square came out ok. This larger tile has an clay that is low fire. And had low fire glaze. Hopefully all survive the experience. Thanks for your reply. Brian

Really sorry for the confusion. Will include a note if ever done again!! Lesson learnt.

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Certainly not meaning to beat a dead horse, but has the paragon kiln been emptied for June?

Somehow the pictures didn’t upload. They are on the thread now…but here is picture as well.