Boiling wood to remove wax?

Has anyone boiled wood to remove wax? I’m looking for pointers.

I have some wax-coated pen blanks. I am not going to turn them but instead make lumber so I need to remove the wax. Unlike the reference above, these are not live edge. I’m reluctant to send it through the sander 'cuz it will gum up the sander. I have already frozen the blanks and scraped off as much wax as I can.

EDIT: African Blackwood and Bloodwood.

Are these normal-sized recatangular pen blanks? Like:


If so I’d think just a sheet of std-sized sandpaper on a flat surface and some elbow grease might do the trick.

Unless there are a lot of them. Then I’d go ahead and use the belt sander and replace the paper when done.

You may want to try Acetone or isopropyl alcohol. They are wax solvents.

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If square pen blanks, you can clean them up with a card scraper. You really want to be careful with introducing a ton of water to wood. You might make things worse rather than better.

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this, then a second round with a heat gun and the card scraper for the remnants of the wax, then a light pass with the sander to get all of it

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