BoD Agenda 09/17/2018: Weapon ownership shall be required for membership


Interesting … hmm

Why do I get this image of a long pipe firing leaves and branches up into the air? haha … we shall have more shrubberies!


Skyrim needs a Cabbage Cannon.


Never looked into the ATF side. Texas State Law is where the combustion / compressed air distinction came from. ( Vernon Civil Statutes, several years back. )

My launcher will put a potato about 300 yards downrange with just compressed air, and I don’t even have a fancy valve.

I do have a 5 foot schedule 80 internally rifled barrel, which helps. :slight_smile:

The other barrel is a 2.5 inch PVC one. Perfect size for tennis balls. Which, if you add a bit of weight, make perfect devices for getting wire antennas up into trees.


So the ATF would define them as a Zip gun if not for the exception for spud guns.

Zip guns are defined at the federal level (Any Other Weapon subsection of Title II NFA). However if the bore is over .5 then Destructive Device would also take over depending on the configuration, but again they’ll provide a letter.

The mention of the handle was to make it not a zip gun.
The reason it’s a Zip Gun otherwise is that it is a linear tube that propels a projectile by means of explosion. Linear firearms are restricted as they don’t resemble firearms (concealment / misidentification purposes). Adding a handle would make it a pistol / rifle / what it would be given other aspects of the configuration.


Use lettuce as the wadding for your potato projectile. :slight_smile:


Wasn’t this part of the issues that threatened to close our beloved makerspace last time? How would one go about mitigating the risk related to individuals making weapons at the space?


Even software can be made a weapon.


on a related note


First, we were never threatened closing of the space. Second, It was about making/modifying firearms and ammo not all weapons. Third, Hatcher’s Armory is a committee all about making weapons and armor.


I think I want to make this …


Scuba Tanks are compressed air. (generally with very few exceptions)


I honestly expected greater backlash for suggesting we use our welding/fire suppression gasses for projectile launches than whether the gas in a SCUBA tank is “dangerus, yo!”…Interesting.


just clearing up the misconception that scuba cylinders are oxygen and not air. But yes no hydrocarbon lubrication and a couple of other things and safe as kittens around a bath tub.


with a plugged-in toaster oven balanced on the edge


“Starch deployment facilitator” would get it approved in no time!


Wait that’s just a pasta machine.


I think I qualify, a hand forged 10 ft boar spear, a Hand made 10 lb flanged mace
One hand forged ax one double headed commercial wall hanger type ax, a
hand forged broad sword made for me and an assortment of large daggers mostly
hand forged


I have a replica Remington 1858 that I’ve been neglecting. I’ve also been meaning to obtain a replica Colt 1860. Need to perfect a recipe for rolling paper cartridges - going through the process of capping, loading power, and ramming cartridges into place might be fun but it’s time-consuming on the range and you invariably spill powder in the process.


Thank you all that have stepped up to teach!

I hope we can get many more classes and events scheduled soon!


Motion: passes … lol