BoD Agenda 09/17/2018: Weapon ownership shall be required for membership


Weapon ownership shall be required for membership

Problem: There is not enough people wanting classes or teaching classes on weapons

Solution: Require all members to own or make weapons and teach or attend classes on them.

Who wants to make some weapons & armor or teach a class on it? We need more instructors scheduling classes. I am willing to help in any way I can with teaching your class or providing tools you need. Just ask.

Does it take an agenda item to get some people active? They seem to be the most active threads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some potential classes … Let me know if you want to teach or attend

  • Gun safety
  • Deep cleaning
  • NRA gun safety
  • Shooting classes
  • Gun carrying
  • Basics of the basics
  • Long range rifle shooting
  • Hunting and zeroing
  • Shotgun class
  • Arrow making
  • Armor making (plate and chain maille, gambesons)
  • Bow making
  • Crossbow making
  • Gun stock making class
  • Knifemaking class
  • Knife sharpening class
  • SCA Armor
  • Rail gun projects class
  • Archery classes
  • Archery hunting class
  • Sewn projects classes
  • Shield making classes
  • Tool making classes
  • Weapon Social events
  • Medieval feast with a boar roast
  • Boar or other feast while camping
  • Range Days

Oh did I mention that you may be able to get cash money for teaching?


Now we are in complete agreement and can work towards a greater future of DMS.

Can a Rail Gun or weaponized Tesla Coil be part of the classes?


I think this title could have been worded differently

That being said I’m interested in learning how to make a potato gun.


What did those poor defenseless potatoes ever do to you!! :sweet_potato:


This reminded me how ridiculous TV science can be. I was watching a horrible tv show where a huge rail gun was being used to save the world from an asteroid. They fired it and 45 seconds of faux-TV-suspense ensued as everyone in the control room bit their nails as they nervously waited for escape velocity “to be achieved”. After 45 seconds it was, and there was much rejoicing.


I think I would like to teach or assist with some firearms-related classes but it seems like, due to our current rules, everything except gun cleaning would probably need to be done off site.

In the past, I have been involved with the gun cleaning and reloading classes.



Remember being propelled by expanding chemical reactions is not allowed.
Creative workaround alternatives needed.


A SCUBA tank for propellant would work.


I’ve always wanted to make an electro-laser weapon which is basically a wireless Taser.


Oxygen’s DANGERUS, yo!

We already have cans of argon, co2, and mix laying around we could use instead, though the pressure might not be quite as high…


Compressed oxygen tanks are safe as kittens, provided you don’t grease the threads when installing the tank valve and regulator.


Notice I said how to make not how to fire/use


Combustion powered potato guns are illegal in Texas. ( Classified as “zip guns” as I recall. )

Compressed air potato cannon are toys. No problem.

Do not look down the barrel. Especially if there’s a frog in it.
( Yes - really happened. Near Darwin experience for the guy. It’s on Youtube… )


Wordsmithing - why writing/editing rules, bylaws, and other forms of legalese is so much fun…


How would you rephrase it?


Well, so much for Mexican food tonight.


hahahah …

Hatcher’s Armory requests if you must experiment with Mexican food tonight that you do so under the fume hood …


and in a downward spiral it goes…poof…:open_mouth:


Would like to attend classes involving:

Knife blade making
Knife scale making
Knife handle pin making
Knife sheath making
Knife sharpening (including making/using strops)
Ax and saw making (bucksaws come to mind)
Medieval dinner, anything medieval (no trebuchets apparently though)
Tactical bag (I.e., bug out bag and EDC car bag) essentials
Bow making
Fishing pole making (why not?)
Fishing lure making


You can either A) make it not completely linear (add a pipe fitting for a grip or something), or B) send the atf drawing and they’ll give you a letter that it’s a potato Cannon with the primary purpose of launching vegetation recreationally and not a firearm (yes, this is an actual thing they will do especially if it’s part of an educational thing).