Board Agenda items for 2020-02-16 15:00 from Tabletop

Because the January item was tabled, and the Secretary needs to be afforded time to finish documentation of the current meeting and actions before setting up the February BoD meeting wiki article, I am placing my conversation here.

I’d like to thank for the board for listening to the positions of membership, and I understand some of the concerns regarding allocation of space. Nonetheless, I strongly believe the SIG should be a committee here in 2020. To that point, I will be posting 4 discrete agenda items that relate to this endeavor.

Agenda Discrete Item 1:
Problem: Due to concerns about room usages brought up during discussion at the January BoD meeting, there is a concern regarding orange and pillar and their “usage” if allocated to a direct committee space. With the exit of prior committees, there is question regarding ownership of these two space as they defaulted to Logistics.
Solution: Affirmatively transfer ownership of Orange and Pillar to the Education Group.
Relevance: BoD must approve allocation of space.

Agenda Discrete Item 2:
Problem: The Gaming SIG’s existence has been questioned as to being used 1x month, or doesn’t need a host committee, or is allowed to be a under a group. DMS committee’s are afforded a level of autonomy above and beyond SIGs, with the requirement of having monthly meetings, published minutes, etc. All of these things are good. SIGs are not actually defined well in our standing rules no bylaws, and this long standing interest group deserves to be a committee, regardless of any supposed dedicated committee space.
Solution: Re-classify Tabletop Gaming from SIG to Committee status
Relevance: Board must approve creation of committees.

Agenda Discrete Item 3:
Problem: While the Tabletop Gaming SIG has a single locking cabinet, they would greatly benefit from having preferential reservation of space for historical events that have consistently been well attended.
Having next to wall-storage would not overburden a general use classroom, and the movement of the tabletop events from front-of house to the pillar has actually increased class opportunities in purple since the Tabletop group has actually “outgrown” the room size of purple.
Solution: From the doorway, Designate the entry wall to the right, and half of the far wall from that nearest corner from the door as occupied / owned by tabletop. Give tabletop permission to create long term storage solutions that extend no farther than 30 inches from those walls, and does not protrude into any egress spaces.
Relevance: Board must approve any space assignments.

Agenda Discrete Item 4:
Problem: Tabletop has had all-day single day events, but need the ability to block reserve space.
They have also had historical evening games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Solution: Define a preferential reservation of Pillar room to be reserved by Tabletop, with that allocation being confirmed or cancelled at a 2 week interval, thus still providing a sufficiency of time for others to be able to normally reserve the space.
Relevance: Autonomy of room usage based on historical events should be documented and would require infrastructure to make edits to enable this feature.

EDIT: Tagged into next scheduled Board meeting


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