Blitzen air assist not working

Blitzen is connected from the Donner computer but when you cut there’s no air blowing which starts a fire.
Any ideas on how to get the air flowing.


"Hmm… I believe blitzen has a valve on the gantry that may have been turned off.

We’ve also had issues with the solenoid on big thunder so it could be that. There should be a loud ‘click’ noise when you press the start button, that’s the air assist solenoid pulling in to allow air to flow." – @michaelb

I could not find a valve on the gantry. Air assist line is NOT pinched.


I replaced some of the tubing by the laser head. There was a large hole burned into it. But that was not the solution. There is still no air coming through.

There is not a loud click sound, so the solenoid valve might be a problem…I’m not sure what a solenoid valve even is, so I’m not gonna touch that. Even if I could find it.

Sigh… Had the same problem on big thunder recently. In that case, the relay inside the laser had failed and wasn’t switching the air assist output.

If you could mark it down since there’s no air assist, hopefully someone can take a look this weekend and we can order parts.

Btw, when I walked in this morning, Blitzen was making a horrible noise (took video, but cannot upload here). After powering down and opening, I found one of the bar weights had fallen and was pinching a belt in the left back:

After removing weight, vacuuming out debris, and powering back up, the noise was gone.

Besides the air assist, there is a double red dot and yesterday’s post mentioned bad shadowing / ghost cutting, so apparently also an alignment issue to address?

That’s some big ‘debris’. Some people don’t seem to be throwing their trash away…