Blade heat treat induction forge coil?


I have been dying to make some blades, but the schedule of getting to the Makerspace during an outdoor forging session is tricky. I looked up a fee videos of heat treats using an induction forge and found that a specific coil really helps. Could one be made specifically for this?


I suppose it depends on what you have in mind, but the coil could probably be built. The bigger issue with heat treating inside is the fire and smoke from a typical oil quench- which we can’t do inside.

That said, we already have a small propane forge that can be moved outside very easily. Very soon, we’ll have an easily mobile anvil as well. If heat treating is the hang up and you have some kind of quench tank, we can probably figure that out now.


I do not have a quenching figured out at all. I know there are quench tanks in the shop; the point about smoke and fire indoors is well taken. I’m reluctant to quench in water (regular or salt) because of the frailty it can cause. Hmmm…looks like I’ll have to wait on outside forging after all, at least for the heat treat.