Blacksmithing question

Hi I am new to blacksmithing and i was wondering if there is anything I need to know about what I can make my shop. I have a garage but it’s insulated and has a low ceiling, would this work or not?

I use my forge and anvil out of my two car garage. I haul the anvil and forge outside the garage (but still under the eaves) when in use, then haul it back inside after the forge cools. Tongs, smaller pieces of spare metal, jigs, etc. are stored in the garage near the opening for convenience. Long stock is stored elsewhere and I retrieve a piece as needed.

I have a hammer and tongs rack which stays just inside the garage door for easy access when forging.

I have seen where people have had issues with the heat of the forge breaking the glass in the garage door when used in a garage under the open door. The heat can also peel paint on the door.

You’d want to have the door open for heat dissipation (esp. in TX), but more importantly for air circulation.

If the ceiling is truly low, would you be able to swing a hammer without hitting something over head (ceiling, light fixtures, et al)? What about when using a striker and a larger two-handed sledge?

The ceiling isn’t extremely low but it has alot of insulation in it and i dont want to start a fire with how hot it will get. There is gravel infront of my garage so I wouldn’t be able to pull it outside. I want to be able to do it inside, im just not sure what kind of building i would need to be able to do it?

If lifting/moving the anvil around is not an option, consider a clever wheel system for the anvil/stand. DMS uses a simple dolly-style wheel system on one anvil. Jimmy Diresta as a more clever (and more involved) 4-wheel system.

Here’s another, more detailed take on the same idea:

In Colorado, I use a metal building with roll-up doors and a 7-12’ ceiling. It has a gravel floor. I nestle the anvil stand into the gravel and use it as-is: no concrete pad.

You could pour a small (2’x2’ - 3’x3’) concrete pad just for the anvil. Easier than building a whole shop…