Blacksmithing meetup tonight 1/7/19


Hey y’all,

Just a little reminder that we’re going to have a blacksmithing meetup tonight at 7pm to do some organization/maintenance in preparation for our joint meeting on the 12th with the North Texas Blacksmiths Association. Come one, come all!

Per usual, we’ll probably drink beer and talk about hitting stuff with hammers.


How does one get on the invite list for these business meetings??


Ya just show up. 3rd Sundays of the month for the regular committee meetings, others as necessary- we’re pretty good about keeping things on the calendar and on talk.


There was nothing on the calendar for Jan 7.


That’s true. Not a regularly scheduled meeting, nor a business meeting. It was discussed at the last committee meeting as a convenient time to get together to clean and organize in preparation for the joint meeting on Saturday. We cleaned, put stuff away, and fixed a leak on the induction forge. I posted on talk for those who might want to come but were not at the last committee meeting, which was on the calendar.