Blacksmithing Inspiration - ABANA Magazine archive

The Artists-Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA) has two different quarterly newsletters: the first is the Hammer’s Blow, with projects, tips, and techniques. The current and recent newsletters are available to current members only, but the older (5+years) issues (dating from 1993 onward) are available to the public for free download here:

I have collected 88 of these publicly available issues into a large ZIP archive for download. It is available on the Blacksmithing Committee’s drive:


Their other publication is The Anvil’s Ring, which contains interesting articles, tips, historical notes, photos of members’ work, supplier ads, book reviews and event information. It is less about technique/tutorials, and more about the finished products/eye candy/inspiration and events. Much of the event data is dated, with lots of photos of folks who perhaps have left the artist blacksmithing scene.

Quarterly online issues from 1975 through around 2015 are available for download as well: