Blacksmithing class Sunday, 30 June 2019

We will be teaching a blacksmithing class on Sunday, 30 June from 10-2.

Here is a link to the class.

Projects for the class are three different types of wall-mounted hooks:

  • a double hook
  • a coat and hat hook
  • an over-the-door hook for wreaths, robes, etc. (also works for work cubicles).

Techniques taught include, but are not limited to:

  • forge safety
  • tools of the trade, including tong and hammer selection
  • heat management
  • hammering technique
  • drawing a taper
  • fullering to width
  • twisting
  • using jigs for efficiency

Class size is limited to 10 students. Class fee is $10 to offset the cost of materials and fuel.

Wear a hat. Bring lots of water. It’s likely to be a warm one…

If you can, show up early (9:15) and help set up.

Have questions? Ask here or send me a PM.

(edited to add an actual link to the calendar entry - D’oh!)


Humbly suggest: Wear adequate sun protection, bring a refillable non breakable personal drinking container (30oz or whatever) since we have filtered water and ice.

I plan to try to bring a bottle of sunscreen just in case.

We have some 10x10 popup shade shelters we will also be setting up - these make a huge difference.

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I swear by my misting fan, uses ryobi batteries and has a hose hookup or 5 gallon bucket pump feed.

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