Biweekly room reservation

Hello, I am wondering if bi weekly room reservation for filming (vlog) is available. I would need an empty room that is easy to setup and tear down of my setting.

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Would be easier to respond if you have how long it takes to set up and tear down. How much space is needed? What time of day and what day? Currently there are not many classes so any open room is available. As things return to normal that may be more of an issue.

2hours would be more than enough. I was thinking there was a sign up sheet to check out rooms but was trying to confirm. I’m at Makerspace a lot since it reopened and it is at a low capacity but I’m gearing up for when things go back to normal I can get myself on a sign up sheet to check out 2 times a month. Most likely around lunch time or in the evening. I’m not set on a specific time at the moment. Thank you!

Is this request for room space finite in duration (e.g., ‘for the month of August only’)? Or are you looking for something longer? Is this for a DMS class that you are teaching? Something else? Only reason I ask is that your intent, and stating a discrete timeframe for the request often helps with those individuals who will review your request.

It would be done via the calendar, though it’s usually a once or twice kind of thing unless it’s a class. Lunch time during week shouldn’t be much of an issue though.

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Sticking my nose in where I don’t go, and ultimately the committee and its chair will decide how it gets used, but I am generally against this type of “booking for personal use”. Heck…we didn’t even let a marriage/reception go forward on this basis and insisted it be open to all, if I dismember correctly.

We typically operate (and should) on a first-come, first-served basis, although the occasional private use of a room or resources should be allowed on a case-by-case basis… But at the point where someone needs something regularly, especially for business/commercial/revenue purposes (which this may or may not be…just sayin’) they should be making more individual and/or professional arrangements.

But as a policy, this is just not a great idea: 1) it sets a precedent we will regret over time; and 2) yeah, someone will say “just let me know if I am in the way or of I am hogging the space/time and I’ll move” and shift the burden to others to speak up but people in general, and especially the folks around here, are usually not super-assertive and often are trying to be overly-nice and overly-accepting, so it rarely works out that way.

But, as I began with, DM should do whatever it feels maximizes usefulness of its resources.


Ok just checking. The room can be small. Enough for a table and a couple chair. It’s not for a maker space class. I want to do a podcast and think setting up in Makerspace might be the most Convenient option. Thank you. I’ll look on the calendar for sure. Thank you for your time!

I’m not sure how long I’ll will want to use it. I’ll just look to see if there availability the week I wanted to use. Not block out future times if that makes sense as I will not be using the same time when I plan to use it. Thank you

Francis, Just to be clear, if you are conducting your weekly/bi-weekly thing, and another member wants to come in and start doing their thing at the same time, the way or organization is generally set-up and expected to run, is they get to. Are you OK with this during your vlogging sessions?

Typically, you are correct. Which is why I asked time/time of day. Push comes to shove, Digital Media has in the past allowed reserving the entire DM room to work on projects for set time frames. I’ll let the chair incumbent @georgekellas decide if that trend continues. Classes take precedent, but if a reservation was made for DM, it gave the person the right to the room over someone just working or playing games.

Also, once the Audio booth is built out, I expect it will rely heavily on scheduling for this type of purpose.


Audio both will be a great addition! But so was the Multicam, which is one user at a time by it’s nature, and we don’t provide for pre-booking. So I still foresee issues that should be addressed pro-actively rather than re-actively by any committee choosing to allow their resources to be booked. Easy one: someone needs resource (Resin printer? Multicam?) for N hours but shows up N20% late…"Please let me finish…I’m already N80% done…pleeeeease?" While others that have booked their own time, now that it is allowed for that resource, have their schedule pushed back. It will happen…what should we do in that situation.

I don’t mean to hash out a policy here, and so will drop out, just highlighting (and I get that you get it) there are real reasons why we don’t do this in a place based on shared resources and a F-C,F-S ethos.


For 99% of the space, I agree. I’ve done some multi hour jobs on Multicam. It would be more trouble to schedule it rather than first come first serve.

For non-digital media users though, the reason we set that as an option was DM requires more than most tools. For Multicam, you can set up your work flow at home, then show up with materials and run it.

DM you need to show up, pull out the equipment (lights/audio/cameras) do things like set exposure and arrange angles. Then you may have talent showing up. The actual recording with multiple takes, then tear it all down and put equipment away.

For the promo video I shot for @uglyknees and strandbeest I had about 45 mins set up, 20-30 shooting her, then about 30 cleanup. All for a 2-3 minute video that was edited later.


Classes (even in normal times) are unlikely to be booked before 9am or after 10pm.

IMHO, if you wanted to camp in the Purple classroom during the very late/very early hours there would unlikely be any issue. No reservation/dedicated use, just little chance of conflict.

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George, DM chair here!

Feel free to message me with Qs

Video Studio followed by Audio Studio are my top two priorities for digital media. Both can be reserved within reason. I’m hoping the construction redesign will allow for an intermediate lobby/room for DM for those editing while not “on-air”, giving us 2 new isolated rooms

Digital Media area will likely be “under construction” most of August. Please use another room for now. (there’s a lot of open space in DMS right now!) Booking out general rooms (purple room, interactive classroom, pillar) is pretty standard, though I haven’t put anything on the calendar myself yet

I’ll be down there today around 2p working on the new setup in DM if you want to meet in person


I appreciate your feedback. I’m only checking in because I want to make sure I’m going about this the right way before I start with this. Thanks again