Bisque fired piece missing

I made a handshaped piece in a class on September 4. I put it on the to-be-fired shelf about a week later when I was done tweaking it. It was a shallow dish made out of several autumn leaves. It had my name carved on the back (Eve 2019). I saw it on the bisque fired shelf a week or so ago, and when I looked for it last night, it was missing. Anyone know where it went?


Looks like it just came out of the kiln.


I’m a novice, so forgive my confusion. I know it was bisque fired on 9/21 (it’s at the top of the 2nd photo of the stuff in the kiln). I haven’t glazed it yet. Why would it be in the kiln again?

Was it on the Bisque Ready to glaze shelf? If so it shouldn’t have been refired. Sometimes things may be on the wrong shelves due to space limitations.

Eve, if it has been on the bisque shelf since 9/21 it is also possible that it may haven been moved to the back of the shelves, stacked, or accidentally taken home by someone who thought it was theirs.

I looked thoroughly, but I didn’t see it. It’s possible someone else took it, but it had my name on the back! It also didn’t look like anyone else’s work–several people made single leaves, mine was made with multiple leaves.