Big Thunder Down (Seems like an Electrical Issue)

Good evening,

Apparently someone wrapped the electrical wires connecting to the laser head with black electrical tape but failed to list it out of service and to notify other users not to use it because there is smoke and a small flame that appears within seconds when you try to run a job. Yes, The air assist was/is on. & yes I shut it down and placed a note inside the laser.

Are there any operational lasers currently? About the make the drive but will wait if the lasers are down

There aren’t any wires that run to the laser head. That’s an air hose that provides air assist. Sounds like we don’t have air assist, either because the splice failed or the solenoid in the back failed.

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okay. I don’t know enough about that part to determine what’s what, but it was smoking, sparking and flaming. and if the someone continues to use it, it will catch fire. I believe.

Yes, Blitzen and Fusion

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Hello, I looked at the big Thunder tonight, the air assist tube was not connected. I connected it and it now has air assist and is working beautifully. I cut some acrylic with no issues :smiley: