Big Thunder back in service 1/18/19


Came in today to see Big Thunder out of service - decided to do some diagnostics…

I verified the mirror alignment on all axis - it was perfect.
I cleaned the lens - it was dirty

The main problem was the air. It appears the valve is broken and was not open all the way causing the laser to smoke a LOT. I got it to open all the way, probably needs to be replaced.

I did a bunch of cuts on 3/16 acrylic and it was cutting perfectly.



Some folks reported a wobble on straight cuts along the X axis. Did you happen to notice this while you were testing? I saw it once a few weeks ago, but haven’t gone back since to see if it’s gone. The alignment laser seems to vibrate when the gantry is moved along one of the axis. Can’t remember which direction. Possibly the cause?

Also the bed height adjustment mechanism was screeching last time I used him. Probably just needs lubrication.



I was doing mostly straight cuts @ 13mm rate and it was super straight. No wobble at all.

Bed height movement noise seemed normal to me as well - loud but normal. Bed still needs to be leveled front to back, but probably only a major deal for people cutting big pieces.

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Thunder 63 is still struggling to cut 1/4" materials. Requires slow and 2 passes.

@Jason_Chancellor @JoshW Thank you for working on it. Jason - good find on the air assit.