Bezel Setting Class pics

Great class last night!


Those look awesome. I am going to have to sign up for the next one.

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Nadira’s classes are amazing! I’m planning to get some copper to practice with, happy to share copper and what little I know about bezel making.


Great pictures! Thanks for taking and posting them!

These are excellent photos. Would love to incorporate some of them into the DMS promotional videos I’m producing, if I can get permission and clearances from featured individuals. Any help or guidance with that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I feel confident that @Julie-Harris will agree. The other folks that I recognize are @purpleporpoise, @coffeebean, and @Steve1. I don’t recognize the older guy in one of the pictures with Julie.

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That’s fine with me

Sorry, I replied to the wrong message. I’m okay with my image being used.

I’m alright with my image being used :slight_smile:

I’m fine with it also

Thank you, All! I will track you down and get you to sign the Talent Consent and Release Form. It’s just you giving your written consent to use your image in the promotional video series I’m producing. I’ve attached a shot of it so you can read through it before signing.

I’ll be working in Automotive for most of today, so if you’re at DMS, drop by and we can get the form signed. Thanks much!


That’s John Stenger.


Great photos! Thank you for sharing!