Bezel Insert Silicone Mold For Resin Casting


I am currently trying to make a silicone mold for a bezel insert I 3D printed. I will be pouring resin into the mold to make a “glass like” bezel insert.
When I started making the 2 part mold I used the Dupont silicone lubricant spray as a releasing agent. It did not work at all.

I was wondering what works best. I was considering using petroleum jelly but I hear it leaves a less than desirable finish. Any recommendations?

Suggest you get something designed as a Mold Release agent, there are ones specifically for silicone and various plastics. Suggest Googling: silicone mold release agents

You’ll find a wide assortment of types and where to buy.

Reynolds is across the street. Disneyland for mold making too.

For my resin casting I use stomer mold releaae

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Yes I was trying to avoid a 40 minute drive with a another solution. I usually use ease release but this DuPont stuff was cheaper so I thought I’d try it out. Did not work at all!

I have so been there