Best way to cut down a 4'*8' sheet?

Looking to cut down some full 4’ by 8’ sheets. I think the best way is probably with a circular saw but I’ve never used one before. I saw that there was one in the tools but it doesn’t seem to have a blade so would I need to bring my own? Also do we have any saw horses at the space and if so where are they located? Lastly, if someone’s gonna be down there in the next few days who could give me a hand getting started that would be great! The other option is the table saw but honestly that sounds like a nightmare.

What size are you wanting to cut it down to?

We have a track saw


Festool tracksaw 100%


We do? Where is it? I’ve never seen anyone using it

Drawers under miter saw station.

I’ve never needed to, but my plan has always been to put a sheet of pink foam on the ground/large table, toss the plywood on top and go to town with the track saw. That way you don’t have to worry about positioning saw horses or plywood bending while cutting. Just make sure to limit the cut depth so you don’t go through the foam.

We also have a panel saw that will hopefully be the final answer for cutting sheet goods but I don’t think it’s ready for use yet.

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Oh nice, the panel saw will be very useful when it’s ready. What’s the status on it?

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I don’t know much, but I last saw it along the wall that used to be jewelry. Looked like it didn’t have power or dust collection. I’m guessing it needs to find a home in woodshop (perhaps awaiting a larger woodshop?).

It’s got dust collection. Needs a stand made up. Hoping to get to it or get it assigned in the next few weeks.


The tracksaw is pretty easy to use.

Lay the wood on the floor (supported by pink foam or some scrap lumber to protect the blade).

Position the track on the plywood

Set depth of cut on the saw (while unplugged).

Place the track saw into the track.

Attach dust collection.

Plug in.

Run saw along the track/board.

Admire the straight cut :slight_smile:

Repeat as needed with additional boards.

Clean up/put stuff away.



Curse because you realized you lined the wrong side of the blade up with the cut line.


I’ve been there. Fortunately I’ve tended to cut long so I reduce yield on scrap.

Mark the cut line. Mark the waste side with hash marks. Adam Savage is a strong proponent of this to eliminate goofs.


Use 2 of the project tables it’s be a lot safer that the floor and just cut in the center plus thst way you can weight each side Down to prevent bow in and pinching/kickback

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This also let’s you use the weird but cool clamps that go under the track saw. Chris is talking about the old wooden project tables. They are perfect for this.

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The track saw will cut exactly on the edge of the track that is aligned with the cut line, if it doesn’t or the edge of the track rubber strip is chewed up then we need to replace the rubber strip. If you are working with veneered plywood you can make the first pass a scoring cut a few mm deep to minimize tearout. The tracksaw is also designed for plunge cuts, plunge cuts with a circular saw are not safe.

The panel saw will cut close to where you want but is not as precise since there is a lot more slop in the vertical guides and the sheet bounces on the rollers for horizontal cuts. It will have tearout, the cut edge won’t be as straight.

Our work tables are all pretty high for using a track saw, makes it hard to cut a sheet in half without stopping the cut partway. We should consider making a lower workbench with a top that can be flipped over, maybe pink foam on one side to be sacrificial.


LOL well played