Best Pizza delivery near space


What’s the best pizza place that delivers to the Makerspace? Would like to know for meetup planning purpsoses.



I don’t think they do delivery but Cane Roso’s is in down town Carrollton has good pizza and they use a super hot oven so it only takes 10min or so to get your pizza.


The only two that I’ve found are Dominoes and Mr Jims Pizza.

I’m not wild about either one. We are in a bit of a drought area for deliveries of any type… except Amazon Prime Now.


You could try uber eats. Have them pick up Joes pizza. I’m not sure what it costs though


Uber Eats doesn’t cover us yet :frowning:


GrubHub is now covering our area. There are more than 20 restaurants on their list and most have a minimum order of $15 with a delivery fee of $2.99.


Wait - this IS makerspace right? - Why isn’t anyone talking about a donated freezer chest for good frozen pies and the metal shop crew working with the fire crew to make a pizza oven? Woodshop to provide scrap to fire the baby up and maybe make a pizza paddle or two? :slight_smile: JUST a thought…


A few of us talked about building a wood fired pizza oven but like most things around the space there is no place to store it.


Maybe on some industrial cart we can wheel out to the parking lot.


We haul forges out there, this wouldn’t be that much different. May need to cook in the tesla parking though. Be good for open houses too. Maybe an add on attachment to the coal forge?


Normally would not resurrect a long dormant thread, but thought it would be worth it in this case. I had a good experience with Rosati’s Pizza in Lewisville (469) 702-0055. Delivered several pizzas for the last Retrocomputing meetup in July. The pies were not cheap, but were delivered hot, and were quite good.



Mr. Jims is Carrollton is by far one of the best pizzas in town!


This one?

2150 N Josey Ln
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone number (972) 446-9926

Do they deliver?


They were fantastic. Thanks for the generous share @dave !


We could now cheese sticks on metal skewers with the induction furnace. Shish-ka-bobs too!


That’s the one, hope you enjoyed it!!!