Best for Mug Decorating

Has anyone decorated mugs and how have you done it? I know using Vinyl (Oracal 651) is pretty popular, but what if you’re wanting something more colorful? Is screen printing the best way to go or are there really good transfer sheets out there for mugs?

Thanks for the advice!

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Dye sublimation (dyesub for short) fused to compatible mugs allows for bright colors/high saturation.

Special inkjet-like master print + mug + + wrapper for good contact + heat = the perfect gift.

We have the requisite equipment at DMS.


Here’s a dyesub mug as an example, made at DMS last year. It’s dishwasher safe and will never fade.


Dye sub is definitely the way to go for full color mug decoration. The mug do have to be specially coated, but they are cheap. They are dishwasher safe, but I don’t recommend putting them in the dishwasher too often. They WILL fade over time, but we are talking YEARS.

When the 'Space opens back up we will even have a new mug press to use for this. It will make decorating a mug a relatively quick and easy process.


What is the new mug press? That is, do you have a link to the model.

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I’ve added it to the Wiki.


Thanks man. I’m trying to keep up down here in Austin! Appreciate the link!