Belts for the sander in the blacksmith area

what size of belts go into the belt sander in the blacksmith area? ive decided i ought get my own set and i dont want to get the wrong size

2”X72” Your basic normal knife makers belt sander these days.


This is covered in the KMG training class. You have taken the required training class, right? Reach out to @team_blacksmithing for instruction.

If you look up the KMG on the Tools Wiki, there is some helpful material there on abrasive belt selection as well.

If you’d like some orientation prior to the class, there is (was?) a copy of the KMG Training slides in a blue binder on the shelf next to the powder coat oven and also in digital form in the Blacksmithing Commitee folder on the Shared Drive.


If anyone needs instruction on the KMG I will be happy to do so. Far too many people use it that have not been checked out on it


miss beth was nice enough to give me a crash course on it and yes ive been through the binder. i just haven’t been there for 2 days while i was doing family stuff and i didn’t have the good sence to check the wiki.

that came off snarky. thank you all very much for the quick tips