Beginner's Pottery Throwing Class - New


Hey folks, @shirley and I have just added a new 4 part introductory course for anyone that has been eyeballing the pottery wheels over in Fired Arts with curiosity. This class will be very hands on and will walk you through basic clay handling skills and throwing fundamentals necessary to create cylinders, cups and bowls. By the end of the class, you will have moved at least one piece through the full process of throwing, shaping, trimming, firing and glazing.

This is a multi-week course, but if you are concerned about missing a class, never fear! We can absolutely meet up with you for catch up.

If you have any questions, please just shoot them over my way.

Chris Cooper
[email protected]


Your tackling a lot, thanks for putting on a full course. I hope it goes smoothly and you can get the introductions of all these topics across. I’m rooting for you, awesome idea!


Thanks for the encouragement! It is definitely going to be a challenge to cover all of this within such a short period of time (focus is going to be on cylinders with quick demos on other shapes wk3) but we are hoping that the week between each class will allow people the opportunity to practice/watch youtube vids/contemplate the greater mysteries, grin.



If you need any help please feel free to ask. I went through the ceramics program at UNT and spent about 5 years excited about the art. I’m out of practice on the wheel, but can still easily get newbies to the point that they are making cylinders. You have my praise for putting the time in. I’m trying to do much the same with Hatcher’s where getting members to newbie level is also a challenge.


Thank you so much for the offer, you rock! We have both taught informally before and are very much looking forward to tackling a multi-person, structured class. We are hoping that with two instructors there we can keep a lot of the same personal, one-on-one instruction that is so helpful in throwing but still take advantage of a fun, group learning environment.

Please give me a wave if you see me over in Fired Arts!



While these are probably structured differently, it’s pretty much what Fired Arts has been doing for the last few months. We’ve gone to multi-part classes for throwing. That puts 2 class strings on the calendar, with the other (also beginning but not so marked) starting this Sunday, 6/18.


Is there any chance the throwing classes will be offered sometime other than Tuesday night at 6:30? Either a couple of hours later, or a different day or time?
These classes look amazing, but I coach gymnastics, and our little team meets on that night.


I’m not currently teaching any beginner’s throwing classes, I believe the one you are seeing at the moment is taught by @madisonworthington. Wheel pottery is great, I hope you can get into a class and give it a whirl!


It is!
I just registered for the talking website, and so I am unable to send messages to anyone privately, and I am unable to send it to the committee or anything else she seems to be tagged under, so I figured I would put it under this forum, thinking someone involved might see it.
If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear them


Excellent, she’s a great teacher. Tagging her above should send an alert her way. If you are available, you might also want to drop by the monthly committee meeting (this Wednesday) to meet an assortment of groovy potters who might be able to help out!


I’ll have to check the rest of my schedule, but I might be able to start a Beginning Throwing series starting Sunday 11/12 or maybe the following Sunday 11/19.


I am so sorry I am just seeing these now! I had no idea people saw and responded so quickly. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I will keep a better eye out (trying to make the plate throwing class this weekend).