Beekeeping basics - upcoming class taught by a professional beekeeper. Feb 2nd 2020

Kyle, who is a new member here, will be teaching basics class for beekeeping. He is a professional beekeeper with a business and involvement with bee groups in the area. He is going to teach you all about how to keep bees and where and what you can save money on. He is very knowledgeable and leave you knowing how to get started.

These are normally quite expensive classes but he is teaching them here at DMS for a discount ($10).

It is on Feb 2nd at 4pm - 5pm. He is very knowledgeable and chatty so I imagine that it will go over.

(It is currently on the calendar for the science area but I did ask him to switch it to interactive.)


@ioport51 : in case you’re still interested in beekeeping.

@BarkingChicken Let’s do it.

Agree I’m interested.

Is this class open to non-members? My fiancé has wanted to learn about this for a long time and I’d love to bring her along

It does not have the “DMS members only” restriction on the Calendar event, so yes, open to non-members.


Thank you for not just answering but explaining. I am only about a month or so in here and still learning. I’ll let her know ASAP!

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I wish I could attend this, but I have a wedding to attend in AL. I hope it will be taught again.

Hi all I will absolutely be teaching this again and maybe some more advanced classes like hive splitting and queen rearing. If you have land with an ag exemption bees qualify too and I can cover how to get you started there.

A little about me. I have run an apiary since 2007 and have over 300 active hives across the north Texas area. I am part of and support our local clubs and teach this class to all ages from kids to adults!

I also have a company that removes bees. This class is for those that are interested in getting started beekeeping or have started and hit some snag. It is going to be a lot so bring pen and paper. I will also send out the PowerPoint slides when done to all attendees. We cover everything from basics like where do I get bees, to where to buy the equipment and what to expect when managing hives. The equipment savings alone will be 100’s of dollars as most places are significantly over priced. So it’s well worth the 10 bucks also you will get my cell which is a great phone a friend option when keeping bees!! Hope to see you there class is open to all.