Bee swarm in back yard

anyone want some bees? I don’t have the energy to get them.



Well, razzlefratz. Was it @Kylemeinert who’s the bee guy? I thought we had a card on the front board, but that’s just for . I went there, but there’s not a general info thing – you have to sign up and be a member.

Trying to find you a bee person…

Maybe @Josh_Melnick remembers who the local bee person is…

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Based on this info

You got the right tag with Kyle, and the company he mentions might still be around…

The website is still up. 800-687-8760 is the basic number, but there are a couple of spots on the website where you can call now for emergency bee removal.

Although, it looks like it’s a paid service. It claims in several places that estimates are free. Which implies that bee removal isn’t.

Yes Kyle is a beekeeper…All colonies his company removes are relocated rather than exterminated. I have 2 backyard beehives now because I helped him remove bees.



A swarm in May
Is worth a load of hay

A swarm in June
Is worth a silver spoon

But a swarm in July
Is not worth a fly

(17th Century proverb)

Late season swarms tend to be small and don’t have time to develop a surplus before the Fall, and they may not survive the winter, even after feeding them.

As a result, late summer swarms are not particularly profitable to collect.


Sorry been a bit out of pocket you can call me 972-632-7998

Yes unfortunately our bee removal is not free. I have to pay insurance licensing phones taxes etc all come at a price.

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