Battle Bots is coming back

I might be there before my 3d printer class. If you’re willing to organize a combat robot team that would be great. There are several robot combat competitions in the US still besides battlebots it would be fun to have a bot to compete with.

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@jast I completely understand. You are right. It is the respectful thing to do, not over commit or committing with out knowing if one can carry through.


We(everyone interested) SHOULD meet, and WE SHOULD loosely base some ideas and other things. For a battle ready bot to come to fruition, a few things have to happen, starting with…

A written PLAN to handle the following:

1.Resources - Parts, capital, money, expertise,

2. Fabrication. - Actual construction and maintenance(cross training) of the components.

3. Logistics - Bots and team. While at DMS and abroad in battles. One should NEVER underestimate logistics(thus why it gets its own category)

4. Operations - The team of individuals selected to control the battle bot. How many times have YOU seen it?!? Awesome, well-built bots with tons of potential Doomed from the start because of poor operators. This is its own category.

We should not think of this endeavor as a set-in stone thing. Rather we should operate on a similar model to that of DMS’ committees . Allowing the BattleBot team to freely shift members in and out at will. We should create a pool of individuals who we can call upon to be involved if we run into an issue out of our domain. Under such a model, ownership would be a tricky thing. This and other things will be discussed in Fridays meeting.

Listen EVERYONE: even if you cannot/should not/will not commit, attend the meeting and give in your VALUABLE input! you wont regret it.


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I am planning to be there. I will let you in more than likely.


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It looks like @awesomer can’t make it until later tonight. I don’t have a way in right now. If anyone in interested you can call me at 214-566-3522 and we can chat and find a time to get together.

I posted a couple months ago about having a antweights competition (1lb) for combat robots. We could build an arena and the robots are about $200-300 worth of rc parts to build. I think that’s more manageable than a building a heavyweight battlebot.

That is a definite possibility. When I priced out my design I was looking at $20,000 so it is probably better to start smaller. I heard you can make 30lb ones for about $250. Maybe we should start a different thread on just combat RC robots.

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