Batteries die fast in Texas heat

Anybody know if we have a hydrometer somewhere in the auto area? Don’t think I’ve seen one before off the top of my head, but I’ve never specifically looked for one either.

I have heard stories that we had one at one point.

That begs another question on topic, do we have a battery tester?


We’ve got a few chargers and a nice newer one that, when you can find it, will charge/discharge a battery.

Nothing to put a controlled cranking load on it. Other than an engine of course.

The test that matters, albeit without the benefit of whatever projections a diagnostic instrument can give you about the probable lifespan of the battery.

We do actually have a battery load tester. It was @hon1nbo that donated it. Blue tester about 1ft wide x 1ft tall


Can confirm we have a working battery tester. I used it. That’s how I know I need a hydrometer. :slight_smile:

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