Basic welding class

New member here.
Does anyone run a basic/beginner welding class?
I’m interested in mig.
Any feedback appreciated.

First you need to take Hot Process safety as a prerequisite. There’s one on the calendar right now.

There is a hot process class Sunday June 13 at 2:00 with 3 spots open
I just submitted a welding class for 3:00pm that day, it will show up on the calendar about 10:20AM on Thursday. (takes 72 hours after submitted to show up)



Just want to confirm but the hot process class says it goes till 330 but your welding class starts at 3. Will we be good if the process class goes till 330 to still attend welding class?


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Yes come when its finished, I thought that was a 1 hour class but didn’t actually check that before scheduling mig class

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The length of the HPSC depends on how much discussion happens. If I just run through the information with no interruptions, it’s only an hour. I can shut down any discussions until the end so that you can make the class on time.


Sounds good thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Same here, thanks for asking!

I’m interested in a Hot Process Safety class, hopefully I’ll catch the next one!

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Any hot-process classes being offered on days other than the weekend?

What days might you be available? Although, I’d probably do that in the evening, to get the most people.

Available most evenings. Have BoD calls for other organizations tomorrow night and next Tuesday. Other than that, open.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

How about next Thursday, July 1st, at 7pm?

That would be excellent. I’m in.

Thank you, Charlie

So I’ve entered the class. You should be able to see it 72 hours from now (3 days) to sign up.