Barista Basics - Brewing the best coffee in the world

As the title says this would be a primer on the basics of coffee brewing, covering grind types, flavor profiles, espresso, cold brew, pour overs (e.g. hario / chemex, french press), and safety.

The class would be held in commissary on the weekend. Whole Beans would be supplied and includes a tasting session.

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Cover Aeropress too?

Love mine when I have time to do it right.

Hadn’t found the desire to get one of those before so I would need to buy one and brush up on it. So aeropress could be a separate class along with roasting and what not.

Count me in!!! I love coffee!!!

Would be more interested in coffee roasting.

@denzuko was 9 votes enough to justify the class? I’m definitely interested in this one.

For the one whom voted to help. Please PM me.

@tombakerftw I’m fairly confident we have enough to actually attend.

Since this is going to be on the calendar I’ve been working on the presentation material and testing out the grinder at the space but for this class I might just have to bring my equipment unless others are willing to test and contribute notes on their results with the burr grinder we have?

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Thanks, sending a PM your way!

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Drafting up the courseware material. For those that are curious;

One may Join the Gooogle Classroom with code: i8xd4k

If you join early then PM me your questions and I’ll see to it that its covered in the class.


Unsure what this classroom thing is but want to take the class :hugs:

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We had a small impromptu class yesterday at the space that went well. Still got to get the grind settings down but luckily the same grinder is being shipped in from amazon to the studio so I’ll be getting a lot of practice.

If anyone else wants an impromptu class then feel free to nab me in the halls when I’m on site.


Thanks to @denzuko for the informal pourover class!

@Lampy, I would be willing to loan my AeroPress to the space along with a spare grinder that could be used with it, but I’m not an AeroPress expert. I’ve only used mine a few times and would be interested in a tutorial from someone who has used one a lot. I believe one challenge will be water temperature, as the electric kettle will make the water much hotter than the 175℉ recommended by Aerobie.


Wow… 175℉ that’s around the temps for strong decaf. Well sort of. 80C is about 18.0g per 100 mill while 100c is about 67.0g / 100 mill

100 mil is about 3.3814 fluid ounces or one espresso shot.

The average 12-ounce cup of decaf coffee – a Starbucks tall – usually contains between 3 and 18 milligrams of caffeine.

I have one too that we could bring up for some sampling!

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some sampling

Which roast would be best for us to try?

Yeah, the temperature for AeroPress is much lower than other methods. Won’t caffeine content vary significantly at a given temperature depending on grind size, extraction time, amount of coffee grounds, amount of water, etc?

I think a shot of espresso is about 1 fl oz, so 3.3 fl oz would be closer to 3–4 espresso shots depending on how the shots are prepared.

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The quality of extraction yes does very based on other factors which lean towards the flavor profile but the temperature of water and saturation time is a big determining factor in quantity of caffeine.

So i missed the class? Big fat bummer and i was so looking forward to it (