Bandsaw upper wheel assembly not put back together correctly

Blades on the right (as you enter the woodshop) Jet bandsaw kept breaking.
The arm tensioner did not make the blade nearly tight enough, the knob tensioner “bottomed” out (ie could not be tensioned any more). Hmmmmmmmmm…

Closer inspection revealed that the spring in the upper wheel assembly was not in the right place. Someone took the upper wheel assembly apart and did not put the spring in the correct place.

It’s bit hard to see in the picture but spring in the wrong position:

Spring in the correct position.

HB recognized the problem. disassembled the upper wheel assembly and fixed it, it is now working properly. Thanks HB!


I might be the culprit. I had an issue 2-3 weeks ago where the upper mechanism fell apart. I may have not put it back on correctly. I was able to finish my cuts.

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Bandsaw blade seems to be broken

Do we know if the laguna bandsaw is up and running?

@got_tools ?

I don’t think the ceramics will be in before tomorrow at the earliest.

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got it, could you please update us when its back up and running?

Can we close this tread - it’s not of the laguna.:

@Team_Moderators – please close.