Baileigh Brake capacity?


The Baileigh brake user manual says it will handle 16 gauge mild steel. 16 ga steel is 0.060" thick.

I assume this is a “how hard to form” issue, and not a clearance issue? I’d like to bend 0.063" thick aluminum and want to make sure it will handle it.



My opinion, for what this is worth, yes. It will handle it easily. It is not a clearance issue (to the extent that another .003" will be problematic).
(Please double check me before expending large quantities of ca$h!)
And we have the new press brake too, which might prove helpful in the event I’m wrong…

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Their advertised capacity is .100 on aluminum. We did have some issues a couple weeks ago with it being too thick. But if a recall he( I cannot remember his name for the life of me) bent .083”. He did groove it on th HAAS before hand though. I have bent .100 that was about 8” wide.

Then there is the press brake attachment. It will bend pretty heavy stuff. Full width 19” at 1/8” steel. 15” at 3/16, 12” at 1/4” & 5” at 3/8”. In hindsight I did not see that they had a Heavy Duty Version, else we would have bought that instead. Also, I’m not sure 100% where that stands. We still needed to do some grinding to it & attach the collar to the top rail.