Bag of End Mills (Found)

I had a bag of endmills but I misplaced them at DMS, they most likely were in the machine shop or woodshop. They have brand new bits in them. If anyone sees them can they place them my bin by electronics?

I saw some on the cnc plasma keyboard table a few days ago, can’t remember if they were still there yesterday or not, I don’t think so

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I saw a big bag of bits somewhere over the last couple of days. Like a 1/2 gallon baggie. I’m thinking machine shop.

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Really glad you found your bits. Try to keep 'em out of your new mill bed:)

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You left them in the metal shop, I put them on the HAAS table, I didn’t even hide them.


Found them thanks everyone!


!! Now you can tell someone “eat a bag of end mills” and actually provide the bag of…

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