Badge SNAFU need Woodshop privileges

Hello All,

While attempting to merge accounts my entire profile(s) got screwed up. When I lost my old badge my woodshop access was lost with it; would truly appreciate getting it back. Submitted a ticket but was never helped. Recently did an extra woodshop review with Andy the last time this happened, so I’m in the clear regarding eligibility. Would greatly appreciate any assistance in solving this issue.

Badge that gives me access is 0014610996.

Happy New Year,


Talk wont let me send messages so I was hoping to reach Mike and the infrastructure team to help clear up the headache/snafu of my account merging and actually get access to the wood shop after losing my other RFID. All help is greatly appreciated.


Are we looking for @shoottx “Mike”?
And @Team_Infrastructure

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For clarification… this is another JJ in case anyone else gets confused.

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JJ’s are semi-ubiquitous! This is Joe Johnson. Believe I’m the only one in the system.

Straight up awesome whoever tagged mike and infrastructure.

Cheers all.

Bump :slightly_smiling_face:

Goes like this…? @shoottx, @Team_Woodshop,

Desperate for access.

Joe, I’ve resolved this.



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Freddy you’re the man! Happy NY to all!