Babylock Class Canceled

Unfortunately class was canceled. I’ll find a time soon to try again.


Is this the newer machine?

No, @ladysandry is there a reason we cant start teaching the viking?

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There isn’t a syllabus for it yet. It’s definitely a lot more complicated a machine, there’s no way to cover both in one class and properly cover everything (without it being a very long class). I can teach a class going over what I learned about it if y’all want with the understanding that there is likely a lot that I haven’t learned about it.

Side question: my understanding was that there is supposed to be a table assigned to an embroidery machine in the sewing room but last I was in the room I didn’t see where. Will that be the new machine or the babylock? Either one has a lot of accessories.

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That makes sense. I know Paul and Astrud have a husqvarna so they might know more about it. As for the table, Judy just got some sewing tables but I dont know if one was dedicated to embroidery. She should be back this weekend.

I have the same machine Paul and Astrud do, which is about a dozen years newer than our “new” one (Viking). The menu interface and controls are significantly different. I played with it, and it wasn’t too difficult. It’s fairly intuitive.

Perhaps a first step would be to teach a Viking Embroidery class (lecture style) for anyone who is already certified on the Babylock. That wouldn’t have to be a very long class - people wouldn’t have to do the hooping or the hands-on.


That’s not a bad idea. I messaged her suggesting that really, a cheat sheet on the interface would be the most helpful thing. There are a lot of symbols, some I thought intuitive and some not so much. Granted it was my first time using a machine other than the Babylock. But you’re right, it doesn’t make any sense to go over hooping and such with individuals already trained on the Babylock.

One thing we need to address is the pre-reqs on the events page. Currently there is just ‘CNC Embroidery’. As it stands, that just means the Babylock. Do we want different AD groups for each machine? I think we kind of have to, if we dont, that means everyone currently trained on the babylock is automatically trained on the Viking. If we create a new Viking group, we can rename the CNC Embroidery to Babylock Embroidery and I can use that as the pre-req

Yes, I think we should do that. I’ll put in a request that the existing AD group name be changed.


Can you also request adding a Viking one at the same time? Thank you :slight_smile:

Shall I have them add you and/or me to that Viking group? I’m willing to take your class if you prefer.

That’s probably up to Shay, but my vote would be add the two of us as we’re most likely to teach it.


If you two are teaching it you can be #1 and 2 in the ad group.

I didn’t get up to check this minute, but last week the Babylock was sitting on a table to the left of the regular sewing machine table. It wasn’t a fancy table with shelves or anything, but it was a table…